To access systems remotely on an MacBook or iMac you need to install the following app from the App Store:

Once installed, follow the usual route of going to the website:

Login using the following:

Laidlaw\USERNAME" - It is important to put the laidlaw\ prefix before your username, otherwise you may get an error

"Your Password" - This will be your network password, the same you login with on site.

Select the software you wish to use i.e. SIMS

File Explorer will open a new window where you can access your drive and shared drives.

Selecting any option will download a file to your MacBook/iMac. Once downloaded, locate and open the file.

This will open the App you installed at the start of this guide.

Type your username and password as above:

Deselect Drive and Printers and click Connect:

For any security prompts, click OK or Connect.

This will now open the application you selected.

If you have any questions or issues using this, please contact the Helpdesk via