The Broadcast Screen module allows a user to choose a device and broadcast that screen across to other devices listed in the console

Broadcast screen Module


1. Log into your Senso Portal

2. Select the appropriate Site or folder from the Groups window that contains the desired users.

3. Click on the Broadcast Screen icon from the toolbar located towards the top of your browser window.  

4. Select the devices to broadcast to, make sure to include the device that will be the Broadcaster,  from either List View or Thumbnail View

5. In the Pull Down menu for Select Broadcaster, find and select the User/Device to be the source for the broadcast

6. Select the broadcast options by toggling the on/off switches (see description below)

7. Click Start to begin the Broadcast

8. Click Stop to end the Broadcast, users will be shown that the Broadcast has ended and the window will close automatically. 

Choosing Show Broadcast in a window will display the broadcast in a separate window, 

Leaving this choice off will show the broadcast in full screen. 

Choosing Do No Allow User to close the window prevents users from closing the Broadcast until the Broadcast ends.