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Modified on: Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 at 10:32 AM

I am a Google teacher and want to moderate my students who sign on with Google sign on into Tinkercad.

Please register your students using this link (Click Me) , Please do not use Tinkercad Classrooms. Tinkercad Classrooms are not available (yet) for those students who log in to Tinkercad via Google.

Teachers can moderate their student's account that log in through Google sign on to Tinkercad. Here's how:

Teachers and students using Google sign on for Tinkercad should continue to use their current workflow with their Tinkercad accounts, logging in via Google sign on. We plan on further integrating Tinkercad Classrooms with Google Classrooms at a later date.

1.Teachers create an Approval code on www.tinkercad.com/moderate. Click "Generate Approval Code".

2. Students logging into their accounts via Google sign on can enter the code in their account settings via their profile page. Then, you will be able to moderate the kids at www.tinkercad.com/moderate.

For teachers who sign in with Google, but would like to onboard students using Tinkercad Classrooms, keep in mind that your students will not be logging into Tinkercad via Google sign on. Instead they will use the Class Code and Nickname to join your class.

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