I would suggest Art staff use the web release function - http://ex-sr-print01:9191/mr

Login with their username and password.

Send documents to print to the follow me as normal.

Login to the above and select the printer they want to release to. This will show their full list of jobs and will allow them to release from the web interface.

The teacher open this website on the PC http://ex-sr-print01:9191/mr 

It will show up with a login screen like the one above, login using the same username and password as on the PC and it will take you to this screen

Open up the document that you want to print and print to EXA-ToshibaFollowMe printer as usual 

Once you have done this go back to the web page and select the printer that you want to print from and it should take you to this screen

Pick the Job and press release, the job should print from that printer

Any issues please call it on ex 5041