Remote Desktop Connection User Guide

Remote desktop connection allows you to access SIMS, your home area and shared areas from home. This method can be used from your own personal laptop/PC. To use remote desktop connection please follow the instructions below:

Step 1 – 

Open up Google Chrome and navigate to the schools website – and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Staff Log In’ as shown in the image below.



This will take you to RM Unify where you log in with your normal school credentials. Once on the RM Unify Launchpad click on ‘Sedgefield Remote Access’.

Step 2 – 

The remote desktop site will open. Enter your normal username and password that you use in school and then click ‘Sign in’.



Step 3 – 

From here you can now access SIMS, Office applications and also network drives. Simply click on the application that you wish to use to use it.

To access your home area/shared areas click on ‘File Explorer’.



Step 4 –

This will download the remote desktop file, click on the file to open it as shown in the image below.



Step 5 – 

A pop up box will open, click connect as shown in the image below. 



Step 6 – 

Another pop up box will open asking for your credentials. In the username box you need to input bsfaddcc\ before your username. Once you have entered the credentials click ‘OK’. This is shown in the images below.



Step 7 –

Click on ‘This PC’ on the left hand side and scroll down, you now have access to your home area and shared areas. This is shown in the image below.

Any work that is done inside these drives such as editing an existing document, when saved, this will save directly onto the school’s network.