Microsoft Teams Staff Laptop Installation Guide


Step 1 

Open the Applications by Type folder on the desktop.


Step 2

Open the Software Center shortcut.

Step 3 

Make sure you have selected Applications on the left-hand side and then select Teams. 


Step 4

From here please select Install


Step 5

Once Teams has installed, please give your laptop a full reboot.


Step 6

Once your laptop has loaded back up, please login in. When you log in to your laptop, Teams should then automatically load up. From here please make sure you select Use another account or sign up.



Step 7

Please type your school email address and click Next.


Step 8

Please select Work or school account.


Step 9

Please type in your normal password you use to login with and click Sign in.


Step 10

Please select OK.

Step 11

You are now logged into Microsoft Teams. This program will load as a default every time you log into your laptop.